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10/04/2014 / Admin / No comments

  • Removed Dad temporary
  • Fixed gaining agility XP from spam clicking.
  • Statius, Vesta, Morrigans, Zuriels, Torva, Pernix and Virtus items now degrade when dropped this includes when dying in wilderness. In addition the degraded versions also cannot be traded.
  • Spirit shield sigils have been made extremely rare and all spirit shields reset back to a maximum of 1 per player and sigils reset completely.

Clan Boosting

09/04/2014 / Admin / 7 Comments



I would just like to make clear any type of boosting will result in heavy punishments. This includes going to other clans and gaining deaths.. IE




You have been warned!

March Results

06/04/2014 / Admin / 13 Comments





  • Top Clan: Tosh go
  • Top Voters: Britt, Black and Element 112
  • Top Donators: d3fine and skullbat20 (joint top)


New Trial Moderators:


These moderators currently only have in-game abilities and do not have full access to the range of tools or reports, until a trial period has been completed.


  • Black 
  • Theboxnoob

I will be looking for one more, this month. Applications are closed and I am watching out myself.


06/04/2014 / Admin / 2 Comments

  • AGS spec damage has been lowered
  • Whip spec damage has been raised
  • Deleted the old gambler system and replaced with 55x2 cash dicing. 
  • Updated melee shop.
  • Dices have been reintroduced into the game
  • Dragon arrows have been added to Dark beast drop.

Skilling Changes

03/04/2014 / Admin / 2 Comments

  • Burning in cooking removed
  • Woodcutting delays removed
  • Mining delays removed
  • Fishing delays removed
  • Firemaking delays removed