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Welcome to RogueX RuneScape Private Server!

Wanted to try RuneScape membership items without paying anything or max out your character in the matter of a week, well if so this RSPS is for you!

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03/06/2014 / Curtis / 1 Comment

NPC drops added to:


  • Skeletons ( beginning of Taverly dungeon)
  • Giant bats
  • Black Knights
  • Magic Axe's
  • Chaos dwarfs (which includes dragon pick at a extremely rare rate)
  • Lesser demons
  • Blue dragons
  • Crawling hands
  • Infernal mages
  • Moss giants
  • Fire giants
  • Black dragon

If you find anymore without drops, please feel free to PM me.


02/06/2014 / Stuart / 1 Comment

  • Bonecrusher added to Slayer shop, which turns dropped bones straight into the same xp as if you was burying them.
  • Skulls removed from wilderness. You will always drop all items unless you prayer protect an item.
  • DDS and Granite mauls removed from the PK Point shop and added to the regular Melee shop
  • Cosmetic items removed from Vote shop
  • Dices removed the game.
  • Flynn now gives 2.5M GP for 5 tickets.
  • Primal items removed from Premium shop
  • New players will now start off with 99 RC, Agility, Thieving, Crafting, Fletching, Mining, Smithing, Firemaking, Woodcutting and Farming.
  • New players now start at home.
  • 100 kills is no longer required for Ancient Prayers
  • Super prayer potion creation added


01/06/2014 / Stuart / 4 Comments

  • Statius legs can now be fixed
  • Pernix, Torva and Virtus can now be fixed


May winners


Voting - 10 Premium points each

  • Tickle
  • Easy A
  • Element

Clans - 10 Premium points and 250M to share between clan members

  • Royals - Disqualified owner is banned.
  • Paints (K0 heart)
  • Pixels (Raflect 2)

Donators - Any item they like within reason(not in an existing shop) and can be found on - Please PM me the item you would like guys.

  • Rich Nub
  • Dell Piks
  • F0rsak3n Aj


27/05/2014 / Stuart / 6 Comments

  • Thieving stalls now gives extra cash
  • XP rate has been lowered greatly to better suit the servers play style.
  • Range accuracy has been raised to 25% from the 10% it was at.
  • NPC's now drop larger piles of cash and more often.
  • Many changes to the workings of the server to help staff and it's performance
  • Blue dragons now drop dragonhide.
  • Hellhounds have been made aggressive
  • Hellhounds have been placed in Taverly Dungeon
  • Charm drops added to Hellhounds which can be sold to General shop for coins.
  • XP requirement on trimmed capes removed
  • Dicing cooldown removed
  • 100M lamps now only give 10M XP.
  • Completionist cape now only requires 200M XP in all skills. (500M is still the max)


21/05/2014 / Stuart / 1 Comment

  • Trapdoors are no longer identified as doors, causing them to be buggy.
  • Protection prayer rework
  • 10% accuracy buff.
  • Battle arena rewards changed
  • Premium point shop updated